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My name is Dave Winer

I developed the first blogging software, RSS and podcasting, outliners, web CMS. Media hacker. Boot strapper. Writer. Academic. Friendly. :-)

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I started blogging in 1994. I write about whatever I think is interesting. People think of me as a tech blogger. Lots of the stuff I worked on, RSS, OPML, XML-RPC, Frontier, outlining -- were projects coordinated with my blog.

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When I find something in my travels on the web that I think an informed person would want to be aware of, I send it through my RSS 2.0 linkblog, to Twitter and lots of other places soon, I hope! This is the feed I want you to follow.

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I'm working on three main products, River3, Radio2 and the Fargo. I'm one of the few online publishers who develops his own writing and content management tools.

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